The Institute offers good infrastructure for education, practical training, and research in various specializations including Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Analysis, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. Our Institutional Library subscribes to many International and National Journals and stores around 4000 books for reference and consultation of students and faculty members. The College has a well-maintained Medicinal Plant Garden with about numerous species of medicinal plants. The institute has well equipped Seminar halls with good presentation facilities. As well as computer lab facility with about 50 high tech systems with 24 hr internet facility. College runs its own transport facility from Delhi and Gurgaon.


Institute has developed a high class library with state of the art design and facilities. The library has requisite number of titles and their volumes. Library has various subscribed national and international technical journals and magazines. Book bank facility is provided for students. Apart from this digital library and audio video CD and cassettes for the reference are available.


In this laboratory students are trained for various aspects of inorganic chemistry which include limit tests of iron, heavy metals, lead & sulphate and chloride besides tests for purity of cations & anions of inorganic pharmaceuticals. For organic chemistry the students carry out tests for identity of groups, synthesis of selected pharmaceutical organic compounds besides the use of stereo models.

Instrument Laboratory:

Equipped with the latest state-of-art analytical instruments like spectrophotometer and assists the students to acquire hands-on-training on the instruments.


Canteens with modern facilities have been provided where fresh & hygienic eatables are served.